30th International Symposium on the
Organic Chemistry of Sulfur

Day-2 Scientific program

  • Monday, July 29

08:40-9:20      Opening Ceremony


Chair      Gianluca M. Farinola

09:20-10:00      PL-01   Geraldine Masson

A Sulfur-Handle for the Advanced Synthesis of Functionalized Chiral Amines


10:00-10:30      IL-01    Masakazu Nambo

Radical-based Transformations through Reductive Activation of Alkylsulfones


10:30-11:00      Coffee Break


Chair      Josef Drabowicz

11:00-11:20      OC-01  Vittorio Pace

Designing Molecular Modifications for Sulfur-Centered Platforms with Nucleophilic C-1 Releasing Agents     


11:20-11:40      OC-02  Hideki Yorimitsu

Aromatic Metamorphosis of Thiophenes


11:40-12:00      OC-03  Aurelien Chignac

Cationic and Neutral Sulfur-Bridged [6]Helicenes


12:00-12:20      OC-04  Kenta Arai

S-to-Se Substitution Strategy for Preparation of Insulin Superfamily Proteins


12:20-12:40      OC-05 Valentina Pelliccioli

Benzodithiophenes: key intermediates for the preparation of thiahelicenes


12:40-13:00      OC-06 Phil Liebing

Amino-Acid Derived Dithiocarbamates – Building Blocks For Hard/Soft-Heterobimetallic Coordination Networks


13:00-14:30      Lunch


Chair      Wolfgang Weigand           

14:30-15:00      IL-02    Eder Lenardao

Greening the Synthesis of Thiochromones and Benzothiazoles


15:00-15:20      OC-07  Yuanxin Deng

Poly(disulfide)s Toward Sustainability


15:20-15:40      OC-08  Elena Ermini            

A novel bioresponsive self-immolative spacer based on aza-quinone methide reactivity for the controlled release of thiol


15:40-16:10      IL-03    Anna Barattucci

The Contribution of Sulfenic Acid Intermediates in the Building-up of New Molecular Architectures


16:10-16:40      Coffee Break


Chair      Osvaldo Lanzalunga

16:40-17:00      OC-09  Benedict A. Williams

A Long-Lived Acyclic Triplet Aldimine Enables Modular Synthesis Of Azetidines Via An Intermolecular Aza-Paternò Büchi Reaction


17:00-17:20      OC-10  Akio Kamimura

Mild redox reactions for switching functions of molecules


17:20-17:40      OC-11 E- M. McGarrigle

Visible-Light-Induced Difunctionalisations of Alkynes with Arylsulfinates


17:40-18:00      OC-12 Bagrat A. Shainyan

Diverse Courses Of Oxidative Sulfonamidation Of Unsaturated Compounds


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