30th International Symposium on the
Organic Chemistry of Sulfur

Day-5 Scientific program

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  • Thursday, August 01

Chair      Adrian Schawn 

08:40-09:10      IL-08    Renzo Luisi

Contributing to the Renaissance of S(IV) and S(VI) Functional Groups


09:10-09:30      OC-31  Kei Goto

Modeling Reactive Persulfide Derivatives Utilizing Molecular Cavities


09:30-09-50      OC-32  Turan Ozturk

Organic electronic and optoelectronic materials based on thienothiophe and dithienothiophe


09-50-10:10      OC-33  Alan Aitken

New Reactions of Sulfur-Containing Aryl Benzyl Ethers


10:10-10:30      OC-34 Marc Gingras

"The Sulfur Dance" Around Arenes and Heteroarenes - the Reversible Nature of Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitutions


10:30-11:00      Coffee Break


Chair      Lucia Pasquato 

11:00-11:20      Prof. Giorgio Modena Centenary Section 


11:20-12:00      PL-04   Scott Denmark "Giorgio Modena Centenary Lecture"

Catalytic, Enantioselective Syn-Difunctionalization Of Alkenes


12:00-12:30      IL-09    Stephane Perrio

Expanding the molecular diversity of thiochromans using allenyl sulfones as ubstrates


12:30-12:50      OC-35  Jozef Drabowicz

t-Butylarylthio and selenophosphinic acids: Syntheses, structural studies and attempts to use them as chiral auxiliaries


12:50-13:10      OC-36  Wolfgang Weigand

The Potential Role of Iron Sulfide in the Prebiotic Chemistry


13:10-14:30      Lunch


Chair      Turan Ozturk 

14:30-15:00      IL-10  Michael Pluth

Chemical Tools and Models for Investigating Reactive Sulfur and Selenium Species


15:00-15:20      OC-37  Ivana Fleischer

Making and Breaking of C–S Bonds Using Metal Catalysis


15:20-15:40      OC-38  Francesca Milano

Thiolated iminosugars as ligands for gold nanoparticles to address Gaucher disease


15:40-16:10      IL-11    Ming Xian

Chemical Tools for Regulating Reactive Sulfur Species


16:10-16:40      Coffee Break


Chair      Paola Stagnaro

16:40-17:00      OC-39  Mingkai Wei

Palladium-catalysed addition of aryl halides to N-sulfinylamines for the synthesis of sulfinamides


17:00-17:20      OC-40  Ibrahim Basma

Hydrogen Evolution through a photoactive Hydrogenase Mediator using Visible Light


17:20-17:40      OC-41 Giulia Tuci

Surface Chemical Functionalization of MoS2 Derivatives with Strong Acids: Fostering Hydrogen Evolution Reaction under Alkaline Conditions


17:40-18:00      OC-42 Vladimir A. Potapov

Novel Heterocyclic And Condensed Compounds Based On Annulation And Cyclofunctionalization Reactions Of Electrophilic Chalcogen Reagents. Comparison Of The Reactivity of Sulfur, Selenium and Tellurium Halides



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