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The official opening hours of the Chemistry Department are Monday-Friday 8.00 a.m.-7.30 p.m. 

The Reception closes at 6 p.m. 

The security systems are active outside these hours. 

The holders of the Access badges – issued on the authority of the Head of the Department- are authorized to access and use the Department’s facilities during the above opening hours. 

Access badge may only be used by the named person and it may be withdrawn if improperly used. 


Persons, belonging to UniFI or external, who need to access the Department for a short period (1-5 days) and do not have a badge are considered "visitors". 

In order to gain access, they must be invited by a member of the Department: istruzioni


Near-graduate students, grant holders, PhD students, freelancers, and all those who are entitled according to the resolution delibera CdD 15/7/2019 can obtain an access badge by completing and returning the following documents to the office in charge: 

1. Application Form for an Access Badge RICHIESTA BADGE, prepared by the Campus of Sesto Fiorentino (please print it, complete it and return it to the person in charge of the Department together with all the other documents: please do not send it to SIAF!) 

2. Access Request Form to permit access to the Department modulo richiesta di accesso al signed by the Tutor. PLEASE NOTE: Applicants must return the last page even in the absence of an internship: it must be signed by the Head of the Department to authorize access to the Department. 

3. Safety Data sheet rischi lavorativi 


Applicants must also declare that they have read the Safety Regulation Regolamento di sicurezza and they must agree to comply with all the safety and prevention standards detailed in the regulations which can be found on the department’s website regolamenti nel sito WWW del dipartimento 

Applicants for the Access badges will be contacted directly by e-mail from the Campus Services confirming when they may be collected. 


At the same time as the Access badge application (a new activation or renewal), you may, always according to the resolution delibera CdD 7/3/2013, also request the activation or renewal of an e-mail box casella di posta elettronica on the UNIFI server. 

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