International Doctorate in
Structural Biology

Past students


Milana Bazayeva
Title: Molecular dynamics and computational biology studies of metalloproteins and their intermolecular interactions
Tutor: Antonio Rosato

Giulia Licciardi
Title: NMR relaxation of paramagnetic systems and biomolecules
Tutor: Giacomo Parigi

Bach Tung Lan Pham
Title: Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 proteins by in-cell NMR Spectroscopy
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Maria Salobehaj
Title: Development of strategies for the characterization of biologics
Tutor: Marco Fragai

XXXV Cycle

Francesca Di Cesare
TItle: Application of NMR-based metabolomics in biomedical researches
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Deborah Grifagni
TItle: Characterization of iron sulphur protein biogenesis by combining multiple structural techniques
Tutor: Francesca Cantini

Francesco Milanesi
TItle: Saccharidic epitopes of biological relevance: proteins binding and molecular recognition
Tutor: Oscar Francesconi

Anna Perez I Rafols
TItle: Expression of multi-domain RRMs for the characterization of protein dynamics by NMR
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Francesco Torricella
TItle: An Integrated EPR NMR approach to investigate HOX protein family
Tutor: Lucia Banci


Sara Matteucci
Production, structural and functional characterization of proteins involved in iron-sulfur cluster biogenesis and trafficking
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Domenico Rizzo
Expression of pharmaceutically relevant recombinant biomolecules for the development of NMR methodologies
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Giovanni Saudino
Protein expression and characterization for systems involved in the biogenesis of iron sulfur proteins
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Marco Schiavina
High-resolution tools to target intrinsically disordered proteins
Tutor: Roberta Pierattelli, Co-Tutor Isabella C. Felli


Matteo Cremonini
Segmental labelling approaches applied to NMR studies of multidomain proteins in vitro and in-cell
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Cristina Licari
1H-NMR-based metabolomic applications in life sciences research
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Nihar Ranjan Prusty
Processes of FeS biogenesis in the cytoplasm
Tutor: Lucia Banci

José Pedro Malanho da Silva
Ultra-high resolution structure determination of transition metal substituted human carbonic anhydrase 2-inhibitor complexes
Tutors: Claudio Luchinat (University of Florence), Maria dos Anjos Macedo (University of Lisbon)

Dafne Suraci
Functional and structural elucidation of the mitochondrial Fe/S protein network
Tutor: Lucia Banci



Sara Bologna
Expression and characterization of human proteins involved in neurological disorders and enzymatic deficiencies
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Maria Grazia Murrali
Functional interaction studies of intrinsically disordered proteins
tutor: Roberta Pierattelli

Davide Sala
Application of molecular dynamics to the understanding of metal-binding macromolecules and their adducts
Tutor: Antonio Rosato

Valeria Putignano
Bioinformatics tools for metalloprotein analysis
Tutor: Claudia Andreini

XXXI Cycle

Giovanni Bellomo
Computational aspects of biomolecular NMR
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Federica Bianchi
Characterization of the human immune response after vaccination with Bexsero through structural and functional studies of human Fabs from a longitudinal memory B-cell repertoire
Tutor: Domenico Maione (GSK Vaccines srl), cotutor: Lucia Banci

Spyridon Gourdoupis
Molecular Aspects of Iron-Sulfur Protein Biogenesis
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Gaia Meoni
Application of magnetic resonance to metabolomics
tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Eriberto Noel Natali
Effects of antigen density on the protective immune response. A structural perspective
Tutor: Maria Scarselli (GSK Vaccines srl), co-tutor: Lucia Banci

Panagis Polykretis
Development and application of methods to investigate proteins in mammalian cells by NMR
Tutor: Lucia Banci

XXX Cycle

Eleonora Mercatelli
Development of novel sample preparation strategies for in-cell NMR
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Alessia Vignoli
Applications of Metabolomics in Biomedicine
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

XXIX Cycle

Witold Andrałojć
An integrated structural approach to flexible multidomain proteins
Tutor: Giacomo Parigi

Azzurra Carlon
Computational aspects of NMR for structural biology and metabolomics
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Silvia Ciambellotti
Expression and characterization of metalloproteins
Tutor: Paola Turano

Veronica Ghini
Metabolomics as a tool in biomedicine
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Alexandra Louka
Development of new protein tagging strategies to investigate protein function
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Veronica Nasta
Structural characterization of metalloproteins involved in iron-sulfur protein biogenesis
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Matilde Beltrandi (joint PhD program with Aix-Marseille Université, programme Vinci)
“Struttura in soluzione dei domini N-terminali intrinsecamente disordinati delle fosfoproteine dei virus Nipah e Hendra: descrizione atomistica di insiemi conformazionali”
French tutor: Sonia Longhi, Italian tutor: Roberta Pierattelli


Carmelo Fuccio
Development of new methods for the isotopic enrichment of proteins
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Alessandro Piai
New methods for the characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins by NMR spectroscopy
Tutor: Isabella Felli, co-tutor: Roberta Pierattelli

Claudio Santucci
Application of metabolomics to healthy and nutritional studies
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Erica Secci
New strategy of protein expression in mammalian cells for in-cell NMR
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Marcela Oliveira Nogueira
Expression, purification and NMR characterization of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins (IDPs) from viruses
Tutor: Isabella Felli, co-tutor: Roberta Pierattelli


Tomas Hosek
Development of new NMR methods to study IDPs – Heteronuclear NMR
Tutor: Isabella Felli, co-tutor: Roberta Pierattelli

Magdalena Korsak
Improved methods for IDP expression and purification and NMR characterization
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat, co-tutor: Roberta Pierattelli

Yana Valasatava
Bioinformatics for metalloproteins
Tutor: Claudia Andreini

XXVI Cycle

Barbieri Letizia
Protein expression strategy for in-cell NMR
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Ferella Lucio
Advanced computational methods for NMR data analysis and interpretation
Tutor: Antonio Rosato

Lorenzini Serena
Bioinformatics in bioinorganic chemistry: construction of a public database to gather and organize knowledge on metalloproteins, and development of methodologies and software for their analysis.
Tutor: Claudia Andreini

Rinaldelli Mauro
Development of software tools for protein structural and dynamic characterization
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Calcada Eduardo
Flavours of Disorder: all the way to in-cell
Tutor: Roberta Pierattelli

XXV Cycle

Calugi Chiara
Development of peptidomimetics for the treatment of infectious diseases
Tutor: Marco Fragai, co-tutor: Antonio Guarna

Cerofolini Linda
Protein-protein interaction in extracellular medium
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Luchinat Enrico
In-cell NMR for structural and functional studies of proteins in their native environment
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Peruzzini Riccardo
The role of zinc in mitochondrial protein import and molecular mechanisms of its compartmentalization and detoxification
Tutor: Simone Ciofi Baffoni

Rosa Camilla
Labeling strategies for metalloprotein structural and functional characterization
Tutor: Paola Turano

Vasantha Kumar M.V.
Application and Development of NMR methodologies to study biomolecules
Tutor: Isabella C. Felli

XXIV Cycle

Blazevits Olga
Production and biochemical characterization of SOD1 and its mutated forms related to amyotrofic lateral sclerosis
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Cacciatore Stefano
NMR-Based metabolomics in tissues and biofluids
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Jaiswal Deepa
MITMET Project: Identification and Characterisation of the set of Mitochondrial Proteins that interact with Metal ions to understand the Trafficking pathway of Transition metal ions in Mitochondria.
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Mao Jiafei
Solid-State NMR Studies of Proteins and Metalloproteins
Tutor: Ivano Bertini -> Claudio Luchinat

McGreevy Kathleen
Exploiting bioinformatics methods for the study of metalloprotein systems
Tutor: Ivano Bertini -> Claudio Luchinat

Nagulapalli Malini
Mobility studies in protein systems
Tutor: Giacomo Parigi

Sharma Vaishali
Molecular mechanisms of iron-sulfur protein maturation
Tutor: Ivano Bertini -> Simone Ciofi-Baffoni


Bernini Patrizia
Evaluation of the meaning of the NMR metabolic profiles in healthy and sick subjects
Tutor: Prof. Claudio Luchinat

Das Gupta Soumyasri
Structural characterization of calcium sensing proteins
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Decaria Leonardo
Bioinformatic tools for the study of metalloproteins
Tutor: Antonio Rosato

Gallo Angelo
Characterization of oxidative folding pathway in mitochondria from single structure to protein-protein interaction
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Hu Xiaoyu
NMR studies on the structure and dynamics of calcium proteins and their complexes
Tutor: Giacomo Parigi

Kozyreva Tatiana
Production, structural and functional characterization of the proteins involved in metal transfer and ox/redox reactions
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Mikolajczyk Maciej
Cloning, production and structural characterization of metal binding proteins
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Pavelkova Anna
Proteins and their interactions through NMR spectroscopy
Tutor: Isabella C. Felli

XXII Cycle

Borsi Valentina
Structural studies of S100 proteins and their partners
Tutor: Giacomo Parigi

Cefaro Chiara
Redox and copper pathways in the assembly of cytochrome c oxidase
Tutor: Simone Ciofi Baffoni

Dragonetti Sara
Structural characterization of relevant proteins for the development of new vaccines
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Dragoni Elisa
Synthesis of new potential drugs
Tutor: Cristina Nativi

Massagni Chiara
Expression and characterization of proteins involved in rare diseases
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Melikian Maxime
Structure and dynamics of matrix metalloproteinases
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Nepi Stefano
Metabolomic studies by NMR
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Sharma Shailesh
Bioinformatic studies of metalloproteins
Tutor: Antonio Rosato

XXI Cycle

Boca Mirela
Copper proteins and their mutations related to diseases
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Hadjiloi Theodoros
Metal cofactor insertion in cytochrome-c oxidase
Tutor: Simone Ciofi Baffoni

Jaiswal Rahul
Metalloproteins: Expression, structural characterization and interaction studies
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Mori Mattia
Drug Design procedures for the discovery of new protein-interacting compounds
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Nesi Antonella
Study of protein-protein interactions and their functional implications
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Talluri Eleonora
Developing drug design methodologies targeted to the family of metallophosphatases
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Yuan Jing
Bioinformatic tools for structural characterization of biomolecular systems
Tutor: Giacomo Parigi

XX Cycle

Bhaumik Anusarka
Studies of metalloproteins by liquid and solid state NMR
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Grassi Eva
Genomics and structural proteomics studies on metalloproteins
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Mastrobuoni Guido
Mass spectrometry as a tool in structural biology
Tutor: Gloriano Moneti

Saccenti Edoardo
Bioinformatic applications in pharmacogenomics: search of new proteic targets and functional analysis of validated targets polymorphisms
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Tenori Leonardo
Solution structure of protein complexes
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Vieru Miguela
The effect of point mutation on the protein structure and stability for the pathogenic SOD mutants involved in FALS
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Wang Shenlin
Structural genomic studies to unravel complex cellular processes
Tutor: Lucia Banci

XIX Cycle

Calamante Massimo
Development of inhibitors of biomolecules of pharmacological interest
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Mannino Claudia
Design and synthesis of new molecular scaffolds and their application as enzyme inhibitors
Tutor: Antonio Guarna

Martinelli Manuele
Copper Homeostasis: Genome analysis and characterization of involved proteins
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Yeo Kwon Joo
Production of stable recombinant human metalloproteinases for drug discovery
Tutor: Ivano Bertini


Giachetti Andrea
Theoretical studies on biomolecular systems: characterization, mobility and interactions
Tutor: Ivano Bertini

Libralesso Elisa
hSOD fALS mutants: an insight into molecular mechanisms of aggregation
Tutor: Paola Turano

Vanarotti Murugendra
Structural biology of human zinc proteases involved in degenerative diseases
Tutor: Alessandro Quattrone

XVII Cycle

Del Bianco Cristina
Structural studies in solution of proteins involved in metal-storage, metal-delivery and metal activated-signaling
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Gupta Jogesh
High-throughput Expression and Structural/Functional Characterization of
Human Calcium Binding Proteins
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat

Kubicek Karel
Characterization of structure and dynamics of metal-binding proteins
Tutor: Lucia Banci

XVI Cycle

Balatri Erica
Expression and characterization of proteins involved in copper homeostasis
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Cantini Francesca
Insights on the cellular function of copper proteins through NMR structural studies
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Cavallaro Gabriele
Implementation and use of non-conventional restraints in NMR structure calculations of paramagnetic metalloproteins
Tutor: Claudio Luchinat.

Vasos Paul
Physical methods for the study of the structure and stability of proteins: applications to metalloproteins and development of new NMR approaches
Tutor: Ivano Bertini


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