International Doctorate in
Structural Biology

PhD students


Azzurra Costantino
Title: 19F in-cell NMR to investigate protein-ligand interactions in living human cells
Supervisor: Lucia Banci, co-supervisors: Vito Calderone and Enrico Luchinat

Francesco Currò
Title: Advanced structural and morphological characterization by NMR technologies of different bio-molecules and biotechnological systems
Supervisor: Marco Fragai, co-supervisors: Daniela Stranges (GSK) and Giacomo Parigi

Alessia De Santis
Title: Production of soluble proteins and metallo-proteins, potential pharmacological targets
Supervisor: Francesca Cantini, co-supervisors: Mario Piccioli and Simone Ciofi-Baffoni

Maria Anna Rodella
Title: NMR methods for structural biology: improved experiments and workflows
Supervisor: Roberta Pierattelli, co-supervisors: Rainer Kuemmerle (Bruker) and Isabella Felli

Martina Rosati
Title: Incorporation of natural and non-natural amino acids in human cells for advanced in-cell NMR labeling schemes
Supervisor: Lucia Banci, co-supervisors: Marco Fragai and Enrico Luchinat

Tessa Bolognesi
Title: Preparation and structural and dynamic characterization of biomolecules at the atomic level by means of cutting-edge biophysical and spectroscopic techniques for the study of biological processes at the molecular level
Supervisor: Roberta Pierattelli, co-supervisors: Isabella Felli and Marco Schiavina

Massimiliano Vinci
Title: NMR-based metabolomics in biomedical research: applications to ageing and ageing related diseases
Supervisor: Leonardo Tenori, co-supervisors: Paola Turano and Marco Fondi


Beatrice Bargagna
Title: Cellular processes for metal cofactors biogenesis and transport
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Letizia Fiorucci
Title: Field dependent effects in paramagnetic systems in theory and experiments
Tutor: Enrico Ravera, Co-tutor: Giacomo Parigi

Valentina Monaci
Title: Optimizing vaccine design for prevention of neonatal sepsis
Tutor: Francesca Micoli (GSK Vaccines Institute for Global Health), Co-tutor: Francesca Cantini

Lorenzo Niccoli
Title: Dynamic Nuclear Polarization at variable temperature for high magnetic field solid state NMR spectroscopy applied to the study of advanced materials and biomolecules
Tutor: Moreno Lelli, Co-tutor: Anne Lesage (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France)

Francesca Sacco
Title: Development of new biophysical methodologies for the characterization of biologics under the Quality by Design paradigm
Tutor: Fabio Baroni (Merck Serono SpA), Co-tutor: Marco Fragai

Giulia Roxana Gheorghita
Title: Expression and biophysical characterization of Siglec proteins
Tutor: Tommaso Martelli (Giotto Biotech), Co-tutor: Marco Fragai

Luis David Padilla Cortés
Title: Biophysical characterization of Siglecs and Siglec-sialoglycans complexes
Tutor: Marco Fragai

Francesco Bruno (PON DM 1061/2021)
Title: Automatized quantitative NMR for industrial applications
Tutor: Enrico Ravera

Naomi Anna Consoli (PON DM 1061/2021)
Title: Study and characterization of innovative materials for hydrogen storage through solid-state NMR, relaxometry and para-hydrogen technique
Tutor: Moreno Lelli


Milana Bazayeva
Title: Molecular dynamics and computational biology studies of metalloproteins and their intermolecular interactions
Tutor: Antonio Rosato

Giulia Licciardi
Title: NMR relaxation of paramagnetic systems and biomolecules
Tutor: Giacomo Parigi

Bach Tung Lan Pham
Title: Characterization of SARS-CoV-2 proteins by in-cell NMR Spectroscopy
Tutor: Lucia Banci

Maria Salobehaj
Title: Development of strategies for the characterization of biologics
Tutor: Marco Fragai



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