International Doctorate in
Structural Biology

Travels and missions abroad

PhD students who are planning to travel, both in Italy or abroad, with the agreement to his/her supervisor, must submit the request of authorization to travel to the Director of the Department of Chemistry. The authorization must be submitted - at least 7 days before the departure - through the online procedure at the following link:

Travels abroad must be authorized by the Course Coordinator and by the supervisor for periods equal to or less than six months. For periods longer than 6 months, the authorization should be provided by the Board of the Teachers, and thus it must be requested with adequate advance notice.


For research periods abroad in institutes, centres, research laboratories (not for conferences or schools) a PhD Mobility Agreement is mandatory.


In order to request the increase of your scholarship for periods abroad, PhD students must submit the form "Autorizzazione al soggiorno" before leaving. Failure to request prior authorization for travelling abroad implies that no increase of the scholarship can be granted. Subsequently, in a single solution or periodically, the form "Conferma del soggiorno" must be submitted.

  • Modulo - Autorizzazione al soggiorno (doc - pdf)
  • Modulo - Conferma del soggiorno (doc - pdf)

The forms for DD.MM. 351-352-117-118 (autorizzazione, conferma) only apply to students whose grant is co-financed by companies in accordance with the DD.MM. cited.

The forms should be sent well in advance to the Coordinator of the course, and to and Properly signed forms must be delivered to the Administrative Reference for the Doctorate at the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Roberto Di Camillo, who will collect the signature of the Director of the Department when needed.




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